About Us

Siret Vineyard makes only the best and highest quality natural wines. Nikolay hails from the Tokai region, one of the oldest and underrepresented wine regions in the world. Nikolay continues thousands of years of winemaking experience from the vintners of Tokai to a modern setting through Siret Vineyards’ wines. Our grapes come from the pristine environment of the Santa Lucia Mountains region, and our minimally intrusive winemaking allows our grapes to uniquely develop their flavors and fully impart the terroir of the region to your palette.

Our wines are hand-crafted and fermented in authentic Hungarian and French oak barrels. Siret Vineyards wines makes you happy. It is our belief that wine made by happy people transform positive energy to each and every wine. 

At Siret Vineyards every vintage is unique. Just like every child in a family is an individual, the same philosophy allows our non-intrusive method of wine making to celebrate our wines’ differences and their individuality.

Everyone has different expectations when enjoying wines. We are confident that with each sip, we will surpass those expectations.

We make wine not because we must, but because we want to share our passion for wine with you. We want you to enjoy our wine and experience its rich history in each glass. 

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